Welcome to CanDoELLA

(Exceptional Learning Lifeskills and Achievement)

We have a dream, a bright, shiny big dream.

It developed from a place of struggle and despair where laughter had all but gone on a long term vacation and life was a hall of terrifying mirrors, everything skewed and misshapen. It’s not how it is supposed to be I’d silently say to myself, it just isn’t.

What is CanDoELLA? It’s a narrative, a story of hope, persistence and tenacity and it’s rooted in authenticity despite overwhelming odds. A firm huge hello to ‘Can Do’ and a goodbye to ‘Can’t’. It’s the veritable life learning journey of one young person, who wasn’t seen or heard and from that life changing experience, has a big message to share, that you Can in this life, whoever you are and you must not let the noise of the Can’t drown out your inner voice. Anything is possible. The inspiration behind this journey is our daughter Ella, hence the wonderful logo which embodies her award winning smile, her gusto for life and her gorgeous charismatic personality (thank you to MW Design for ‘seeing’ her for who she is). Our daughter reminds us to recognise our fellow people as beacons of light and hope, integral to our humanity, with much to teach the world if we stop to listen and learn.

We’ve been on this journey for a while now and we have much further to go. We have experienced highs and lows, had life turned on its head many a time and yet come out with wisdom, strength, belief and knowledge. Ella’s made us Experts by Experience in every sense of the word. Our vision is to help shape the world to be a better place for all of our children, young people and adults – indeed every #Human.

Why did we found #FlipTheNarrative?

We founded #FlipTheNarrative to highlight the fact we, as #Humans, often have our understanding of the whole view – upside down. The narratives surrounding people who are different to the societal perceived ‘norm’ are based in deficit language, sympathy and less or other. We challenge this narrative and ask that you look at life the other way – that we as a species are wholly #Diverse, always have been and always will be. That we do not yet understand enough about our fellow #Humans and must learn more and listen harder, to be able to embrace everyone having a seat at the table.

We’ve ventured down most paths, made many mistakes and felt failure often, that’s also #Human. We have embraced those experiences as part of the journey towards change and ensuring an equality in this life for every #Human. We hope that in sharing our journey we can help you with yours and that together we #FlipTheNarrative.

A big thank you….

To our amazing family and friends, for being the absolute rock always – for your belief and hours of support, bringing things up when they feel like they’re floating down. We love you.

To MW Design – for the belief and support and the amazing design for CanDoELLA, your kindness and selfless time given and the positivity to make change happen. Thank you Mick, Sean and the team.

To the Team of Lauras who make it all possible by believing in our star and taking this journey with us. Your specialised work is a testament to how change can happen. You know who you are. Without your daily work and belief this wouldn’t be possible.

To Marian who gives beyond words to support a huge dream and guides with such wisdom and belief.

To the amazing girl behind it all – Ella – for never ever giving up and showing us how the world should ‘see’ and ‘hear’ you, even in the darkness and in the darkest hours, your strength and will is testament to your zest for living life, whatever it throws at you. You my darling are an angel and a voice for them all. We begin today.
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